Ferrés Arquitectos y Asociados

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Ferrés arquitectos y consultores comes from a very simple idea: connecting with the need of specialization required by modern architecture, which seeks to provide architects and their collaborators high-level solutions to make possible and real the newest light façades.

An ambitious idea that has been driven and leaded by a specialist on this subject, Xavier Ferrés. This architect has been related to light façade world throughout his entire career. He is also a recognized expert on the light façade field from all angles: factory production, work processes, development of building systems, consulting for glass or profiling system industries or any other component.

The common denominator of the developed work revolves around a working philosophy in which the consultants must provide solutions to improve the global project during the whole process and not only after it is done in order to resolve it constructively. This system does not depend on the magnitude or complexity of the work but only on the organization and the team’s working method. All this in order to obtain the highest quality results.

Taking a big quantity of completed works as a basis, putting conclusions obtained from the experience into practice and combining a unique documentary archive, the analysis, formation and ideas with professional practice is the way we can now offer a net of integrated services that goes from design and façade planning to the control of the material execution at the factory.

Thanks to this constant learning process, shown in more than 50 technical articles and manuals as well as more than 50 lectures and conferences at schools and congresses, we have specialized our study in offering architects and constructors advice and technical assistance which are both needed to successfully undertake the most complex projects from a conceptual, formal, technical and constructive point of view.